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Pivotous Connect
Pivotous Connect is our relationship management software built specifically to run within LinkedIn. With an accurate understanding of personality differences, you can better understand what your customers want, why they want it, and how they want to communicate in the buying process. Using a systematic approach to building an intentional network will accelerate your pipelines, and rediscover the rich, enjoyable personal connections that put you on your career path in the first place.
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LinkedIn Secrets To Success
LinkedIn Secrets To Success is the roadmap and relationship marketing method, that we have used since 2015. Business professionals who use this information to adjust their pitch, process, and overall strategy can escape the never-ending numbers game. Introducing yourself and your product well from the start is one of the most important aspects of sales. Leaving a positive impression on a prospect can mean the difference between a significant sale and a waste of time and resources.
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Pivotous Balance
Pivotous Balance is a 90-Day Challenge that has been created to help you design an intentional life on your own terms. Success feels and looks different for every single person. It’s not a destination but an ever-evolving journey, and it doesn’t come with a map because there is no one path. Pivotous Balance reminds you to take care of yourself on a personal level. Success is great but if you’re not around to enjoy the benefits of your hard work then what is it all for?
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Authentic Relationships = Success

Develop the skills to communicate more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of others.

Learn to combat stress and understand how to turn your stress into your fuel for financial success.

Learn how to become magnetic to attract financial abundance & transform your business.

Unblock the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your greatest life.

Unlock your limitless power within yourself to improve your self-esteem and your focus.

Develop long-lasting business relationships with those you meet and connect socially.

Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles.

Develop actionable strategies to inspire interactions.

Learn how to increase your leadership influence.

Learn how to get “unstuck” and motivated.

Unlock the key to prosperity.

Be empowered to step out of your comfort zone and build the life you desire, whatever that may be. People need people, learn to find the right people that will support and inspire you to live your best life!

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Pivot With Us

When your primary job is to quickly earn trust from people who want to trust less and less of the
messages thrown their way every day, it may feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle on a hill that is
only getting steeper. This is absolutely the case if you play by the standard sales tactics of today.

More Time, More Money, More Freedom

Build Your Business

By implementing a systematic approach to marketing, development, testing, and launching your idea, you can decrease stress and increase success. Digital marketing isn’t an option for a business, it is a necessity. 

1. Build your network – there is nothing more valuable to your career than having a strong network and relationships

2. Giving value to others with no expectations is always the way to go and almost always comes back to you.

3. Follow your curiosity (not necessarily your passion). If you are interested in something, go research and network and see if you’d like to work in that field.

4. Invest in continuous learning – if we are always learning about new trends and industries, we might find new jobs and careers we didn’t think possible a few months before.

5. Mindset – with a growth mindset, you can try and improve on anything.


One of the reasons I became a LinkedIn enthusiast is the network offers one of the least expensive ways to promote yourself and your ideas (business).  Whether you are an employee with an idea or an entrepreneur positive you are about to change the world… You need inexpensive ways to build your social presence and identify yourself as a valid competitor in the market.

Starting a company, developing an idea, and marketing your business can all be time-consuming and expensive. But, it is a lot more expensive if you waste time and money on products and resources that aren’t the right fit for you. 

LinkedIn is rarely used correctly. I have learned how to use the network not because I wanted to be an online marketer but because I didn’t want to fail as a founder. Having your back against the wall takes your creativity to a whole other level. 

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so you might as well reach out and start the conversation.

I have developed a process to guide CHANGEMAKERS down THE PATH TO AWESOMENESS. 

I invite you to join my 12 Month Marketing Makeover Solution... Here you will learn the art and skill of speaking your audiences "Marketing Love Language." If you have ever taken a personality test or utilized The 5 Love Languages® method by Gary Chapman then you've experienced the power of communication and how it can drastically shift once you understand your partner and how they think and process information.


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