LinkedIn Hack : The Best Type of Posts For LinkedIn

Do you know what your LinkedIn audience wants, likes, needs, and will benefit from?

Everyone’s network is different, but you can make a few assumptions based on the data.

There are multiple tools you can use to monitor the success of your content. It also takes a while to start gaining traction when you initially start posting so don’t get discouraged if you are hitting “viral status” right out of the gate. 


The is a LinkedIn content hackers dream tool. 


Shield gives you everything to improve key social metrics, increase engagement and generate reports.


You can measure the performance of individual posts, hashtags, content types, and best time and day to post.

Shield offers a team version that allows for you to build a content strategy the leverages the influence of all of your employees, leadership team, social collaborators, or brand promoters. 

Crystal Knows allows for you to articulate your messaging in a unique way that truly speaks your target audiences “Marketing Love Language”.

We know it’s hard to believe as it breaks most social media rules, but LinkedIn users LOVE long-form content! Of the four ways you can post on LinkedIn (text, image, video, and document), text-based posts tend to receive the most views and highest engagement rates.


Now we know that text-based posts are the way to go on Linkedin, so let’s talk about what kind of text posts are the best! Here’s a few tips:

The longer the better

According to a recent study, LinkedIn posts between 1,900 and 2,000 words in length perform best and gain the greatest number of views, likes, comments, and shares.


This might seem obvious, but keep your posts relevant to your industry or to what is going on in the world. Posting just to post isn’t going to get you the attention you want. Make sure you are adding value to your followers’ LinkedIn feed. How-To and list style posts are among the most viewed types of text posts on LinkedIn. 

Add Visuals

Although photos alone don’t perform as highly as other types of posts, when combined with long-form text they can help to boost views!You will want to use high-quality photos to enhance your post.

The bottom line? If you want to get your LinkedIn followers engaged in your content and inspired to share, make sure you are posting long-form, high-quality, relevant content to capture their attention!  

Featuring Your Posts

I featured a post on my profile and got +50% views. Just like that ⚡

If you’re not featuring your content (or something else) you’re missing out!
a featured posts can attract +50% more views and increase the lifespan of a post by 6x times the usual lifespan. 
Here’s how it works ↓
What you choose to feature will be seen and engaged with, again and again. Long after your post is gone from the feed.
Mostly by people visiting your profile. Which, btw, is a number you always want to improve (profile views).
Most posts usually die out after 48 hours. By featuring a post it will get engagement every single day. Simply by being featured on your profile.
+50% more views
+45% more reactions
+20% more comments.

I urge you to do this today:

👉 Identify your most valuable content pieces and feature them on your profile.

You’ll increase the lifespan of your posts dramatically. And you’ll make sure your best content pieces continue to add value to your audience long after they are gone from the feed


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