Social Selling – 5 Steps to Planting a Client Garden

Social selling is a concept that not everyone grasps right away.  Many people focus too hard on the selling part when they should zero in on the social aspect.  Social selling is a form of lead generation but it’s an improved hybrid of selling which has a greater goal than just closing a sale.  This doesn’t sit well with the sales-driven personalities who live by the ABC motto (always be closing) or business owners who are nervously watching the bottom during this currently unstable economic environment. The importance of building a relationship far outweighs a sale. Positioning yourself for the future by building your brand, building trust with your target audience, and building a pipeline of future clients is just as vital, if not more so, than focusing on a selling strategy.   People are wary of being pitched; most people can spot a sales pitch 50 feet away.  Trust in business (and society in general) is at an all-time low. People want to feel empowered, educated, and make their own choices when making a purchase.  People want to be wooed not stalked and social selling requires a different mindset.

How is social selling like planting a garden?

Why do people plant a garden?  They want fresh, healthy food! Do you plant seeds one day and expect results the next day? No!  A garden is a gift that keeps on giving but there is work involved and a learning curve to respect. The first year is always filled with trial and error but you will see some plants taking root. With one crop under your belt, you see where you can improve next season, so the next time you plant, you will see better results. My first garden was a mess but I still ate fresh veggies.  Next year my garden was more organized and had a better crop as a result.  Yes, environmental issues can cause a less bountiful harvest (pandemic=drought) but if you follow the basic plan you will have a harvest.

Here is how you plant your client garden using LinkedIn-

Plant the seeds- Build the best Linkedin profile you can possibly create, invite people to connect, join groups on LinkedIn, follow influencers, follow companies you would like to work for, or with.

Water- be an active user of LinkedIn- time to level up to professional stalker status, get yourself out there and be seen! Like posts, comment on posts, and share posts! Do the little things like sending Happy Birthday or congratulatory messages to your connections. Join webinars, newsletters, and if you belong to groups, be sure to add content to share.

Fertilize- Create engaging posts that invite your target audience to respond, sending more detailed messages to connections, and schedule exploratory phone calls will make your potential client list grow.

Weed- Get rid of the weeds and your preferred plants will have more nutrients and space to grow. Not all connections are going to further your goals so focus on greener pastures! Never delete a connection but put your focus on stronger connections with more potential.

Harvest- Harvest time is time to reap your rewards. Close those deals! Ask for recommendations and don’t forget to start planning for the next planting season!

I hope this solidifies the concept of social selling for you! Now you know what social selling is, this is the time to start sowing the seeds in your prosperity garden. Pivotous is your farmer’s almanac of social selling and we can teach you everything you need to know or we can plant the whole garden for you! Find out more about our DIY or full-service options at

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