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About Our Company

How do you pronounce it? Piv•ot•ous

We get it. Weird name but there is a story behind the name. In 2015, Chrissy Larsen, left a 15-year career to build a MedTech Startup. She had no idea how to do this. She had been a brick-and-mortar small business practitioner for the extent of her professional life.

She founded Why The Health Not and plunged into the Startup World. Now if you are reading this and have built a Startup before you know this is not a small endeavor. To keep the story brief she and her team built a LinkedIn overlay (CMS) to help patients connect and communicate with both their traditional medicine physicians and their alternative medicine practitioners.

Building communication pathways for out-of-network healthcare professionals can be very difficult with multiple obstacles along the way. Since LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world and over 25% of all US adults actively use LinkedIn as a resource, it was the best option to pair these patients with their healthcare providers.

The hypothesis was correct they saw a significant increase in communication and timely responses. This had a huge impact on the overall results and understanding a patient experienced while undergoing multiple treatments from a variety of providers.

But, Startups are hard and it’s difficult to move past a concept to a fully functioning business without investment capital. So, in the long run, she pivoted and took the communication system she had developed and turned it into a relationship management solution for professionals seeking to grow their network and find the resources they needed to develop their own hopes and dreams!

Chrissy had created a subsidiary company WTHN Media and had started offering lead generation to Natural and Alternative Healthcare Providers to fund the development of the WTHN application.

As the system evolved and so did the company. In 2018 Pivotous was started.

The name Pivotous came from Chrissy asking her existing clientele to “Pivot With Us,” clever, right?! haha

The Crew

Our Team

Together We Have Decades Of Experience In The Business And Online Realms

Our dream is to simplify and distill all of that experience and knowledge into its simplest form for you.

Kyle and I (Chrissy) met by chance through a mutual client in October of 2020. We worked together on that project for several months and became quick friends due to our common interests. By January 2021, we talked about coming together to offer our complementary expertise. We explored Clubhouse opportunities, hosted multiple events, traveled, and then landed on joining forces on a new course, consulting service, and app to support Pivotous Connect.

Chrissy Larsen- Founder

Chrissy Larsen


Kyle Petyak-CoFounder

Kyle Petyak



Our Mission is to help individuals build an intentional support network that provides them with unparalleled success, resources, and life-long relationships.


Our Vision is to aid people in designing an intentional life on their own terms. Work-Life Balance is the ultimate goal. What is your definition of happy? Our desire is to help you find the people, resources, and support you need to make your dreams come true.