Day 4’s topic of “how does authenticity build trust” is so good! Of course, there have been relationships in our lives that weren’t very authentic 🤢and there are some relationships that are raw and organic🙂. The authentic relationships are beautiful and there is a sense of safety in those relationships because no one is putting on a show, no one is being “fake”.

Being vulnerable in those relationships adds value and trust by leaps and bounds. Its easier to work with others and trust their input and decisions. Same thing in friendships as well. 

As far as authenticity toward ones self and trusting the decisions you make w/o questioning yourself is a tough one for sure. The old saying “you are your worst enemy” is so true. I am, daily, working on trusting myself and finding confidence in my decision making. Getting back to the old me who is able to make quick decisions when needed and learn from mistakes if and when they happen. 

If you’re honest with yourself and those around you, and do this consistently in your decisions and interactions with others, it is a huge confidence boost and the voice of self doubt grows quieter and quieter over time. 

Heres to keepin’ it real 💯

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