Caloni Michelle

"It’s not that one’s dreams are too big. It’s that one’s belief in self is too small. "

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What Can Caloni Do For Me ?


Caloni has worked extensively with entrepreneurs to build an authority online presence on LinkedIn, personal brand websites and other social media platforms. She has two signature approaches:

  • Her Expert Millionaire Blueprint, a proven 7-phase transformational system for experts to build a 7-figure personal brand empire.
  • Her Authority Personal Brand System, a 6-phase blueprint to developing an authority personal brand online.


Caloni offers to ways that you can work with her:

  1. LinkedIn Makeover: a digital program that walks you through overhauling your LinkedIn profile so you can 10X your opportunities. 
  2. 90-Minute Strategy Call: Caloni will walk you through how to build your personal brand on LinkedIn, how to build an authority personal brand in general and answer any questions that you have. 


  • Her clients have secured $1+ million deals, 10x’d their clients, landed more opportunities such as speaking engagements and podcast interviews. Some have even gone on to become national best selling authors. 
  • They have a world-class brand that positions them as experts in their industries and one that they are truly proud to promote.
  • The high-quality design of their LinkedIn profiles, website and all brand assets position them as a go-to expert in their industry, making them more valuable and attractive to ideal clients.
  • Their services are strategically developed and streamlined, and also incorporate modern technology to ease new client acquisition processes.
  • They have consistent brand messaging and a new and improved overall brand identity, which makes them personal brand more memorable.
  • Their LinkedIn, website and other social media platforms are branded and their online presence has improved drastically.


When a prospect views your LinkedIn profile, they’re going to make a judgment about you and your capabilities. Would you want to make a good impression and not lose opportunities?

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn is not for everyone. If you’re serious about building your personal brand on LinkedIn, Caloni and her team can help you.

If you’d like to work with Caloni, determine if you’d like a 90-minute strategy call with her or if you’d like immediate access to her LinkedIn Makeover digital program.


(Caloni in action during an in-person strategy session.)

Here are some of the personal brands that Caloni and her team have transformed:

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It, See What Caloni's Clients Are Saying:​

Mike H.

Olympian, Veteran & High Performance Consultant

Karmel L.

CEO of Momni (a global tech company) & Serial Millionaire Mentor

Michael C.

Trauma Resolution Expert

Jaci M.

Mindset & Law of Attraction Coach