Build Relationships. Build Longterm Success!

Engagement runs deeper than you know, and getting to know customer hows and whys helps you create a better product, set of services and user experience. You stay competitive as well as grow and cultivate loyal clients who trust your know-how because you know the ins and outs of their hows and whys.

You Will Learn To:

Learn to communicate with your ideal connections more efficient and effectively

Increase the amount of engagement you get on your posts and the visibility of your brand

Use the time you spend on the platform more effectively and intentionally

Utilize LinkedIn tools to build a strong network filled with your ideal clients

Understand and know how to write high-quality content that encourages engagement and increases brand awareness

Not only has my experience with Chrissy and Pivitous been remarkable- but the customer service is 2nd to none, especially when it comes to LinkedIn vendors. I have been able to create the best interactions and strategic partnerships from LinkedIn that I have had in 10 yrs. I have tried EVERY so-called coach or Guru out there and although many of them had good info- that info was just some words and "brain candy"- not really actionable content and systems that create momentum and actual opportunities. For example- I had over 6,000 connections and never made $6,000 from them. Pivitous does that FOR me, and the result has literally been the most traction and the most profitable connections I have ever made.
Shawn Bacoccini
Sales Team Lead/ Strategic Partnerships at Gym Launch and ALAN Agency Launch
Chrissy is one of the smartest and most savvy people I know. She's like a female version of Russell Brunson and has been a game changer in the way I approach LinkedIn and how I connect with others. I recommend Chrissy to anyone looking to grow their business, network or personal brand.
Justin Batt
Author | TEDx Speaker | Spartan OCR Racer | Farmer