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"The United States Department of Labor announced that over 1.3 million Americans filed initial unemployment claims last week. This report marks the 17th consecutive week of 1-million-plus unemployment claims. About 51 million people have filed for unemployment benefits since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This doesn’t include the millions of others who’ve finished collecting benefits, given up looking for a job, or have reluctantly taken a position far below their prior compensation level just to make ends meet."

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If you are one of the millions of people looking for a new job, a remote position or additional streams of revenue, we are here to help!




Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t get to meet people face to face or even talk to someone once I submit my application, how can I sell myself if I can’t speak to anyone?
  • How do I build a resume that has the right keywords to be picked, to be reviewed?
  • How do I get noticed? Using a career builder platform like Indeed I have no idea if my applications are being reviewed? 
  • How do I research my competitors? Aka other candidates? 
  • Can I research who the other employees are and who the hiring managers are of the companies I am applying for? If so how do I do that?
  • Can I add my picture to my resume?
  • How do I improve my skills or know what to improve?
  • If I haven’t held long-term employment yet or am coming back into the work force (due to raising kids, etc.) how do I get hired?
  • Where is the best place to search for a job?
  • How do I position and market myself outside of my resume?
  • How do I feel confident after so many no’s or ignored applications?

The world of job hunting is changing dramatically right now, primarily because of social media. If you haven't been paying attention to social media, and particularly to LinkedIn, you have some catching up to do. Most professionals cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn today, whether or not they are in a job search. LinkedIn is a career necessity today. I find many job seekers confuse the intelligent use of social media with a loss of privacy.

Referrals are easily the most effective way to secure a job interview and land the offer. LinkedIn is your access to millions of connections that can become your unlimited referral source:

  • 40% of hires come from referrals, the next largest channel is via career sites at 21% (almost half as many!)
  • Referrals get hired in an average of 3 weeks while other applicants take up to 7 weeks
  • Referrals get paid more on average than cold applicants

 21 Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression- Click above to read! 




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Goals and Direction

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Goals and Direction

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Optimizing LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a career necessity today.


Most professionals cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn today, whether or not they are in a job search.
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AI Profiling

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now as much a part of job search as spaceships are of Star Wars.

More Than Meets The AI

An invaluable asset for recruiters and job seekers — the secret behind both how jobs find you and how you find jobs.
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How To Use LinkedIn To Build Your Resume.

Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest to get a job?

“LinkedIn is a job seeker’s best friend because it avoids gatekeepers—the guard dogs of important executives”
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Unless you know someone in an organization, you’re at a major statistical disadvantage.


How to land the job without referrals only targeted connections.
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With 51 Million People Looking For Work, How Do You Give Yourself The Competitive Advantage?

It is important to build a personal brand as an employee because now more than ever organizations understand the marketing potential of the advocates within their companies. By leveraging the networks a potential employee has built out an employer can broaden its social reach and present its messaging more authentically to its audience. When building your brand and influence it is important to know what you want and who you want to target. ie, the company you want to work for and area of expertise you want to focus on. 

Benefits to a potential employer:

  1. Increased ROI for social media engagement efforts: Employees with larger personal brands mean a bigger impact (and ROI). People build stronger connections with other people than they do with brands, which is why they are more receptive to employees than your brand’s account. People tend to view a brand account or even a C-level executive’s account the same as they view an ad, which is why employees are your most influential resource. 
  2. Improved hiring process: Employees with strong personal brands raise your company’s profile as an employer. Social media engagement is not just limited to engaging with potential clients, your staff can also engage with potential employees. This can lower hiring and recruitment costs and increase the caliber of candidates applying for your open positions.
  3. Increased employee retention: When an employee promotes their organization’s initiatives, they become a spokesperson – or advocate – for their brand and its mission. Anyone in any organization could be an advocate for their employer regardless of the department they work in. A successful employee advocacy program typically has many people who work for a brand in a multitude of different roles voluntarily promoting its initiatives and messaging. Company messages have 561% further reach when shared by employees than the same messages shared by a brand’s social channel, according to the Marketing Advisory Network. Additionally, brand messages are shared 24-times more frequently when employees post content.

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