Day 2 – Personality Profile

Then write about what you learned about yourself. Do you agree with the results?

How do your strengths and weaknesses affect your relationships

I didn’t learn much on this one. I totally know this about myself. I have known for years that I am perfectly capable of being the leader, the one in charge, authority…but I don’t like it. However I am an AMAZING right hand man…sidekick if you will. I love making things happen and getting things done and I am also okay with not being in charge of that. I am more content behind the scenes.

It’s funny that it says “avoiding chaos and sudden change” because I spent most of my life thus far as a teacher, in both the public schools and Montessori and I don’t think I need to explain that further. LOL!! I do require a downtime after a lot of activity for sure though. Again, I am a introvert and I require alone time and quiet every day. 

As far as affecting my relationships go, I think this is accurate and my friends, family and others  would agree. I don’t see it as a weakness in any way. People know I am loyal and will do what needs to be done, in work or in like “a shoulder to cry on” situation. I am often the practical and safe sounding board in many situations. 

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