DAY 4 How Does Authenticity Build Trust?

Day 4

You can talk about building authentic relationships at work; socially, or how trusting or questioning your decisions has helped or hindered your growth.

Authentic can build good relationships.

Personal –

If you can be honest with yourself and others. There is power in being real and vulnerable and you get more respect for yourself and when people see you trying and keeping going when they see you struggling being real is rare these days and needs more of.


People just don’t care about others and because of that we aren’t real with ourselves; we seem to think if others did have time for us our feelings don’t matter and that’s a bad seed to start growing in us to (self-doubt.)

I started last year to just take the mask off all the way! Something happened to me for the first time in my whole life I could breathe! Yes, it has made some for really good deep talks with others and some people think it might be too much but I feel if it’s trying to keep me down in my life I must release it! It has no power over me anymore all my stuff is out there then you will become friends or not it weeds out bad or fake people in my life. Then you find good people. People are starting to see the real me they never knew because I am becoming more authentic each day is my goal.


A good work relationship requires one to have trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and good communication.

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