Day Seven- How does authenticity build confidence?

How does authenticity build confidence? 

I can only speak on this as I have experienced it in my life. There were many years when I lived an inauthentic life. As I have written about in previous blog posts, there were a number of years that I was an addict and addicted to Meth. Horrible right? Yes I completely agree. During those years I was never authentic. Not ever. How could I be authentic? There was no way. I was also super insecure and lacked any amount of confidence. I was basically in hiding. I was hiding from my authentic self. Why would I hide? One word- TRAUMA. Trauma that I had not worked through or unpacked kept me in that dysfunctional loop for nearly two decades. 

As I emerged from that fog, I slowly began to regain my confidence, my authenticity. 

Life is so much better, brighter, happier, more functional living an authentic life. I can’t begin to tell you how much my life has changed, improved. 

Was it scary? Yes of course it was. I was terrified of authenticity while I was an addict. Can you imagine why? I’m sure you can. If you can’t, allow me to break it down for you. As an addict, I hid everything from everybody. 

Today I live my life with full transparency and I hope full authenticity. 

Today I am confident in my relationships. The most important relationship has been with myself. All of my other relationships have grown and developed a depth I never imagined as I became more and more authentic. 

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