Day Six- How does Authenticity affect a growth mindset? 

A Growth Mindset requires authenticity. It’s mandatory. You can’t grow if you’re being inauthentic. It just doesn’t happen. 

How do I know? Any guesses? I’ll bet you already know the answer. 

Let’s back up for a second shall we? There are two types of mindsets. There is a scarcity mindset and there is a growth mindset. A scarcity mindset is one that is always certain that there is never enough or that things won’t work out. That’s my understanding of scarcity mindset. Yours may be different. A growth mindset is one of abundance. A growth mindset believes that everything will work out, that there will be enough of what you need always. 

I have a growth mindset. I think I always have. I have experienced stress and worry over not having enough money, enough food, enough shelter. In the end everything has always worked out. Whether I realized it or not at the times I made it through those situations because I have a growth mindset. 

I was authentic in those moments. I was open to the universe. I was willing to be authentic even when it sucked. Sometimes life sucks but being authentic never does. 

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