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Hooray! It’s time to get started. We decided to officially start tomorrow since today is a holiday following the 4th falling on a Sunday. I loved having it on a Sunday and getting a long weekend. This year was one of my favorite 4th of July’s to date. Friday night I went with some friends to see Tracy Lawerence, a country classic play, it was amazing! Great company and live music, you can’t complain about a night like that!

This year I started country swing dancing and joined a great group of dancers. It has been such a cool experience and I have loved everything about learning to dance again. I danced swing in high school and a lot in my early 20’s but then stopped making it a priority somewhere along the way.

Saturday night one of the ladies from the dance community hosted a huge bbq campout and pool party on her 10 acres. I seriously can’t stress how much I love all of these people! Then on the 4th of July, another one of the dance community members hosted a bbq dance party. Video below… This is how dancers spend their evenings. xoxo

I think finding balance for me is finding a community of people you can’t wait to see again when it’s time to go home. People have always filled my heart with joy. Not everyone is a people person. On day two we are going to be taking personality tests. I am 99% extrovert, so people are my jam!

I am looking forward to this challenge. I did the 75 Hard Challenge Feb-Apr. of this year and it made a huge impact on my life. I prioritized taking care of myself and getting healthy and happy. 

During that challenge I didn’t drink, I stuck to a keto diet, and worked out twice a day for 45 minutes each. 

I challenged myself to post my journey and be a positive example of choosing to do hard things. 43 people started and finished the challenge because I was sharing what I was experiencing each day. 43 people chose to make positive changes in their lives and share their journey with their friends and family… hopefully causing a ripple effect and encouraging their network to do the same. #influence4good

With this challenge, I am wanting to take my transformation to the next level. I am a goal setter, I always have been. When I want to get something done, I create an event to give myself a deadline. If it’s a personal goal, it could be having company stay with me or hosting a dinner party so that I finish whatever 20 projects I have going that need to be finished. (like organizing my garage, finishing painting my lawn chairs, or setting up my home gym) If it’s a work goal then a release of a new service or a live event that I have to present at encourages me to make it happen! 

I enjoy leveling up and seeing what I can accomplish if I work hard. For the first 10 days, we are discussing authenticity. 

Day one’s writing challenge is this: Everyone lies about their lives. Not intentionally necessarily but little lies to ourselves and others add up. What would happen if you shared your truth? The one thing that defines you, makes everything else about you fall into place?

Perhaps nothing. Or maybe telling that story would change your life or the life of someone you’ve never met.

That’s what we want to find out.

Tomorrow I will write about my truth and share my journey that brought me to starting a mental toughness challenge and a work/life balance challenge. We all walk different paths, react to each situation in our own unique ways. I will share my story. My trials and tribulations. The personal demons I want to face and positive attributes that make me who I am today. 

Here is the daily task list that we will be following throughout the 90-Day Balance Challenge. 

1. Follow a Diet (Healthy Eating Habits)

During the next 90-Days, I will be following a low-carb, high in fiber, alkaline diet plan. Today I measured my weight, body fat, BMI, water weight, muscle, and bone density. 

2. Daily Movement (30-60 minutes a day)

I will be working with Jake 3 times a week, hiking with Melissa 5 days a week, and training for a dance competition 3-4 days a week. I am obviously doing more than we are asking other participants to do but this is a personal journey and we want you to do what is right for you!  

3. Practice an Outlet For Stress

My outlets for stress are gardening, taking my dog hiking or to the river, dancing, reading, cooking, or cleaning (I know that last one is weird but if I am trying to work through an issue vacuuming and mopping are probably going to happen)

4. Prioritize Healthy Sleep Patterns

I need to work on this one. I have never been someone who prioritizes sleep. I am always afraid I might miss something. 

5. Minimize or Avoid Processed Foods and Sugar

We didn’t want to specifically ask people to quit drinking during the challenge but greatly reducing toxins or distractions help significantly during the 75 Hard Challenge. I actually loved searching for alternative options that were actually amazing.

6. Drink a Healthy Amount Of Water Each Day

It’s hot! This one isn’t going to be a problem. It was a chore during the winter months. I have a functionally small bladder.

7. Write a Daily Accountability Post With Picture

A picture wasn’t as hard as going live or posting on multiple social platforms. So I will be challenging myself to post and record a video a day for 90 days. I can feel the pressure just writing this. This will probably be the hardest part of the challenge for me!

8. Focus On Your Intentions and Goals

I have both personal and professional goals I want to accomplish during the next 90 days. A few of my personal goals to start are; ending the year in the best shape of my life, competing in a dance competition, and learning 15+ line dances by Christmas, buy a new house within the next 6 months. My professional goals are; write this challenge as we go through it, turn it into a full program, and book by the end of the year, finish building and launching the Pivotous system and write a book on the program, have 1500 new participants by January of 2022. 

9. Influence For Good

With my professional goal to be to add 1500 participants then my #influence4good goal is to positively impact each of their lives in one way. 

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