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How To Create Your Lead Generating Profile

Chrissy May 6, 2021

The world watched as LinkedIn grew from a networking platform to a one-stop solution for job seekers.

Networking is not about how many people you know; it is about how many people know you.

The LinkedIn profile has become a compulsory assumption rather than a preference. Employers do not ask whether you have a LinkedIn profile anymore; they assume that you do.

A large number of job vacancies don’t even end up on standard job portals. In most cases, they are grabbed by people who are connected with the employer/recruiter on LinkedIn – regardless of first/second/third degree connection.

This shows that LinkedIn matters. It’s here to stay.

This also shows that connecting and networking with the right people is important. More so after the pandemic, when the global workplace is switching to a remote model.

You are losing out on job opportunities if you don’t have an active LinkedIn presence. In this blog, we will help you make an impeccable LinkedIn profile so you can advance your job search.

Read on to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for a successful job search on the platform.

Why do you need a LinkedIn Profile?

When someone says they are not on Facebook (anymore), we can guess a million reasons for the same.

Privacy. Distraction. Just looking for a change.

Take your pick.

And in the post-privacy scandal era, there’s an almost-magnetic borderline-hipster persona around not being on Facebook anymore.

But when it comes to LinkedIn, there is no excuse for not being on the professional platform.

You need LinkedIn to connect & network with people in your niche.

You need LinkedIn to look for jobs.

But most importantly, you need LinkedIn because it acts as an open resume.

You might not be actively looking for a job but just being on the platform can help you land jobs that you weren’t even targeting.

It is not uncommon for LinkedIn users to get a job proposal.

This is why you need to be on LinkedIn.

Career-building and networking go hand in hand. All of this won’t be possible without a LinkedIn presence.

Long story short, you need LinkedIn to build your career, regardless of whether you’re looking for a job right now or not.

It can prove useful in the following ways:

  • You can find new jobs and business opportunities.
  • You can directly connect with key stakeholders of your target company.
  • You can connect with recruiters and headhunters who are hiring for your target job. All you have to do is look them up!

Who uses LinkedIn?

Job Seekers

LinkedIn is a hotbed for job seekers.

We all know that.

Here is a list of the two types of job seekers you will find on LinkedIn:

  • Active: Professionals who are currently unemployed. This group is actively looking for new job opportunities.
  • Passive: Professionals who are not actively looking for a job change or career switch, but are open to opportunities that may come their way.


This group consists of representatives of companies that seek out human capital or talented individuals for their companies.

In layman terms, recruiters and headhunters make up the second category of people you will find on LinkedIn.

Business Professionals

Business professionals form the third category of people you will find on LinkedIn.

They are on the platform to further their business agenda.

If you are looking to connect with like-minded industry professionals who share your vision, this is the best place to look.

You can easily find a market for your service or product. You can also find the right audience and forge strategic business partnerships with relevant professionals on the platform.

All you have to do is look and connect.

Creating new partnerships or collaborating with organizations can become a walk in the park if you follow basic guidelines:

  • When trying to increase the consumer base of your brand, post informative infographics to showcase industry knowledge.
  • You can opt for LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Features and filter your target audience to connect with quality people, potential clients or business partners. To do this, click on the search bar and then click on Search For People option.