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Introduction To LinkedIn Marketing

Pivotous Social June 3, 2020


Welcome to your first lesson in learning how to master a digital strategy!

My Name is Chrissy Larsen and I will be guiding you through this section of the master course. I am very excited you have chosen to learn not only how to grow your business but also to master it! I will introduce you to the tools and resources we use for our clients every day. I will guide you through how to craft a strategic approach to increasing your social status and attracting the right people and opportunities!

Unlike most courses that will teach you how to do it, I will show you how to do it. You will gain the knowledge and expertise of the same social media management tools my team uses to manage our clients’ accounts. In this first lesson, we will begin with coving the basics. I have outlined what we will cover in the learning checklist.

Learning Checklist

What is going to make you the most money first? Don’t get caught up in everything you would like to accomplish-big picture. The goal will be to make you the most money right away so that your investment pays for your growth. 

Steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

How to use keywords for content, prospecting, and attraction.

How to build your blueprint for success and growth.

Positioning, How to do it, and why you need to!