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Understanding Your Offers

Pivotous Social June 2, 2020


How To Land Your Dream Job And Exponentially Increase Your Visibility

These instructions will show you how to create success using LinkedIn as a prospecting system to attract and convert connections into opportunities ($)! The first step is having a solid idea of the specific role that you’re looking for, down to the company and title (if possible). If you are not at that point, don’t worry! I will cover how to get to that point too! There are so many choices when it comes to job search sites. You should use these sites to find the job listings you want but then you should head to LinkedIn to get to work on landing that job!

When you are wanting to land the ideal position it is all about awareness and strategy. The competition is fierce and you need to be ready to compete! You will want to put tools and systems in place to not only keep up with the competition but to build viable long-lasting success.

I have learned how to use the network not because I wanted to be an online marketer but because I didn’t want to fail as a founder. Now I will share my “LinkedIn Success Hacks” with you! I have developed a process to guide CHANGEMAKERS down THE PATH TO AWESOMENESS.

Learning Checklist

  • Optimizing LinkedIn
  • How To Use LinkedIn To Build Your Resume
  • How To Find Your Dream Job On LinkedIn
  • How To Build Awareness And Your Social Status
  • How To Increase Your Skills and Expertise Through LinkedIn
  • AI Profiling- What is it?
  • The Right Connections