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Inside Pivotous Social, you’re going to get access to step-by-step course materials. The course content is simply designed with actionable items and a specific implementation guide that anyone can follow.

With Your Purchase You Will Get:

Access To The Pivotous Connect Training Course: 

With Pivotous Connect you will experience lead flow as you have never seen in your life! You will login to your Pivotous Connect course training through the social learning website. 

Pivotous Connect Relationship Management Software 

Our software solution is a single source Connection Management System (CMS) that will help you build meaningful relationships on LinkedIn, organize all your outreach, in one simple platform. The software is a one-stop solution to manage all your connections, scale your outreach, and drive real relationships that result in a conversion, referral, or new opportunity.

Once you have registered please follow the links to schedule your onboarding call and Connect setup.

Your access to Pivotous Connect can be found at you will also need to download our Chrome extension. 

Private Sessions

Everyone learns differently. You will have your own strengths and weaknesses, motivations, interests, and stumbling blocks. Because of this, online courses are rarely a hands-free source of education.

Fortunately, private tutoring sessions are hugely valuable to learners—and a benefit worth pay for. They offer you the opportunity to ask questions directly and get the expert feedback you need and want.

Private Sessions are designed for me to offer that personal support to those that desire a more personalized experience.