Play To Your Strengths💪

Today is all about getting to know who you and your strengths with personality profiling. I find these to be very useful for myself, employees, and peers I work with. This would even be useful to have your significant other take 😆 That way you get to know who you are and who you’re really working with and how you can work together optimally.

For me, this was a great review. It reminds me of who I am, my strengths and how to use that to my advantage. To be honest, for a second there I struggled with who I was. I let people inside my head that had no right to be there. Their words had power over me to the point where I questioned myself. Now that I have been more conscious about who I surround myself with and protect my heart, I have been getting back to a more authentic me. I have found confidence in myself and peace over the things I have no control over.

Though you may know who you are or have done these type of tests before, it is always good to go back every now and then and retake the tests to see how you are evolving. 

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