Increase brand visibility. engagement. Influence. leads Generation. Talent Attraction.

We train individuals & companies how to use LinkedIn To Grow

We train individuals & companies How To

Use LinkedIn To Grow

grow Your loyal following on LinkedIn

Want To Take Your Sales and Marketing To New Levels?

Teams Who Communicate Effectively May Increase Their Productivity By As Much As 25%

  • Fully Integrated Into Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Messaging Management And Organization
  • Lead Nurturing With Follow-Up Scheduling
  • Call Your Connections W/O Leaving The Software
  • Re-Targeting Capabilities
  • Check Social Ranking Of Your Connections
  • Use As A Relationship Development Tool
  • Calendar Integration and Tracking
  • Saved Messaging Templates
  • Full Analytics Dashboard
  • Email Capabilities
  • See How Many New Connections Your Prospects Have Gained
  • Ability To Sort, Label, And Tag All LinkedIn Connections To Sales Pipelines
  • Work As A Team On Your Lead Generation and Prospecting
  • SMS Texting Built-In

Our On-Demand Suite Of Resources

Marketing management for professionals who care about meaningful connections

Find Your Audience

Through Influencers

Gain Trust

Through Consistency

Get To Know Your Audience

Through Engagement

Book Appointments

Through Conversations

Gain Followers

Through Your Expertise

Convert Prospects

Through The Relationships Your Build

Learning LinkedIn

Do it yourself, guided lessons! LinkedIn provides the venue from which you can create visibility and demonstrate your expertise. In many ways, it’s easier to develop your reputation online since digital tools, like Pivotous Connect, enable you to build your reputation on a daily basis. Bonus: live weekly trainings and chat access.

Optimizing, Managing, and Monetizing

Learn our systematic approach to building relationships and fast-tracking the know, like, and trust factors. Understand your market, create attractive offers, and highlight your unique value.

LinkedIn Strategy Session

Work one-on-one with me! Get my simple, step-by-step strategy that will help you find your ideal clients, convert them into engaged followers, and (of course) make more money! Bonus: 

Make LinkedIn Simple!

Building visibility and credibility using social media takes time, but it’s worth it. Customers have grown accustomed to highly personalized and efficient buying experiences, and thus, their expectations are far higher for any kind of sales interaction. 

Self Managed

Our tech, your team. Pivotous Connect is our relationship management software built specifically to run within LinkedIn. Using a systematic approach to building an intentional network will accelerate your pipelines, and rediscover the rich, enjoyable personal connections that put you on your career path in the first place.

Zeroing in on your ideal prospects

Our content team has mastered LinkedIn messaging & can help you create strategic content that’s personalized to fit your personality and approach.

Fully Managed

Our team, our tech, your ideas, and ultimate success. The Sales Connector team will work one-on-one with you to optimize your LinkedIn profile, develop a conversational drip sequence, manage your soon-to-be filled inbox and push forward conversations, resulting in more meetings booked on your calendar and more growth and revenue for you and your business.

Collaborative Success

While you work your magic in meetings, we’ll continue to organize your leads and keep your newly-filled pipeline pushing forward.


Did you know LinkedIn is built to support business and team sales and marketing? Let us show you how! Our service helps business professionals connect and communicate with others via LinkedIn, conversations, posts, and email campaigns. Whether it’s growing your connections and influence, or making sales pitches to the appropriate people, our team will help you do the research and initial communication, freeing up your time to focus on leads or engage your new, larger audience. 

Build Your Community

 LinkedIn is the leading social network for business professionals with more than 600 million active users worldwide and 160M in the USA alone. It’s truly a perfect tool for reaching other professionals and/or companies.

It's Personal. It's Professional. It's Pivotal.

Our method involves streamlining the outreach process to help meet your business goals.

Learning To Leverage LinkedIn Will Change Your Concept Of Marketing & Sales Forever

Learning To Leverage LinkedIn Will Change Your Concept Of Marketing & Sales Forever.

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