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PIVOTING IS A MINDSET, a necessity, way of life for the successful. From start-up to seasoned entrepreneur we invite you to pivot with us. 

The Pivotous Ecosystem

Pivotous Social

Pivotous Social is the LMS (learning management system) and Social Community that houses the collective knowledge that is the Pivotous Methodology. Pivotous Social is built around an organized system that will help you build a support network that is meant to work around the clock for YOU to ensure YOUR success.

What ultimately makes this whole system unique is it’s not just a course but a community integrated into a comprehensive communication software.

Pivotous Balance

Pivotous Balance is a 90-Day Challenge we created to help our community design an intentional life on their own terms. Success feels and looks different for every single person. It’s not a destination but an ever-evolving journey, and it doesn’t come with a map because there is no one path.

Pivotous Balance is the Unit that reminds you to take care of yourself on a personal level. Success is great but if you’re not around to enjoy the benefits of your hard work then what it all for?

Pivotous Collective

Pivotous Collective is the Roadmap and relationship marketing method, that we have used since 2015.

When the Pivotous System is properly integrated with Pivotous Connect you will experience lead flow as you have never seen in your life! This is the exact process that Chrissy and her team used to grow not only her personal businesses but that she’s successfully used for all of her clients. And now it’s what you will experience as a student.

Pivotous Connect

Pivotous Connect is our relationship management software built specifically to run within LinkedIn.

This is a powerful tool that will allow you to build and scale your business quickly. It supports the success of entrepreneurs, teams, recruiters, job-seekers, corporations, and influencers alike.

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