A Balanced Approach

Good morning everyone! 

This is a short video I wanted to put together about my thoughts on our balance challenge for all you wonderful people.

There are a few reasons I did it as I did.

First, I’m super sweaty right after a workout. Why would I do that? To show you don’t need to be anything to anyone when you produce content. When inspiration strikes grab that moment and be vulnerable.

There is no other way to embody authenticity because anything else is pandering and ultimately contrived and “fake.”

Back to the point. I am excited to get after this challenge with everyone. I can’t wait to talk more about mindset, fitness, nutrition, and how we can fuel both our bodies and our minds while living the ideal work/life balance we all desire.

Thank you for hanging with me and taking the time to check out this post and this video. I hope you found some value here.

Please comment on anything specific you would like to talk about, fitness, workouts, food, mindset, parenting, literally anything, and let’s have a conversation! That’s what we are all here for, right? So, let’s get better together and take on the world!

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  1. Let’s communicate! The only way we will get to where we want to be is to start a dialogue. I am here for it and for you. Thanks for reading and watching! What do you feel your biggest struggle will be starting this challenge?