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2. The Marketing Love Language

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Day 78 Copy

Chrissy July 28, 2021

The Challenge

Topic Discussion!

Click Here To Write Your Blog Entry For The Day!

We have found that writing your daily blog is easier on a laptop or desktop also. Your blog page will open in a new tab so you may reference this page when writing.

Please reference the lesson “How To Manage Your Profile and Daily Posts” for more information.

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  • Day Six- How does Authenticity affect a growth mindset? 
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  • Day Five- How does authenticity affect my work/life balance?
    How does authenticity affect my work/life balance? That seems like a simple question.  It’s not as simple as it seems as first glance. I’m super…
  • Day Four- How does authenticity build trust?
    Authenticity builds trust in relationships through being consistent in who you are which in turn allows people to know who they are interacting with at…