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Intro and Overview

Chrissy April 26, 2021

Pivotous Social is the missing link, which we have been personally searching for and couldn’t find. There is no lack of information out there but what we felt was in short supply is implementation. Courses that are solely designed to push you up closer to the “guru” and were just an elaborate effort to get you to spend more money.

Enter Pivotous Social, a playground for the productive and a place designed to foster creativity and help you implement the habits and skills that will get you to where you want to be.

My name is Kyle and I am joined with my forever PIC Chrissy. Together we have decades of experience in the business and online realms and our dream are to simplify and distill all of that experience and knowledge into its simplest form for you.

In This First Course, We Are Going To Give You The System We Have Used To Manage Hundreds Of Accounts That Has Turned Into Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Revenue For Their Companies!