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Introduction To Chrissy And Kyle

Chrissy May 13, 2021

Together we have decades of experience in the business and online realms and our dream is to simplify and distill all of that experience and knowledge into its simplest form for you.

Kyle and I (Chrissy) met by chance through a mutual client in October of 2020. We worked together on that project for several months and became quick friends due to our common interests. By January 2021, we talked about coming together to offer our complementary expertise. We explored Clubhouse opportunities, hosted multiple events, traveled, and then landed on joining forces on a new course, consulting service, and app to support Pivotous Connect.

Growing up I, (Kyle) watched as my father built his business. From the young age of 12, I was out in the dead of Arizona summers working and helping my father grow his commercial landscape company. I got a first-hand understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to create something and live the American dream. 

After high school, I joined the military and served for eight years in the Navy as a Corpsman providing emergency medical services to Marines and Sailors. My military experience taught me discipline and above all the core values I still live by today. Honor, courage, and commitment. 

After the military, I worked again for my father’s business and he was doing things the “old fashion” way. As the director of business development and head of the sales department, I knocked on doors and networked to meet relevant contacts, build relationships, and ultimately sell and grow the business. 

After a year I looked for another way, I knew there had to be something I was missing and a better, more efficient method of operating. After long nights spent researching sales and marketing I stumbled across digital marketing and how to build audiences online through paid advertising and content.

Since then I’ve been hooked.

Wanting to branch out on my own and test entrepreneurship, I founded my own marketing and advertising agency assisting people with the same dedication and care I gave my father’s business. 

I understand that no matter how big or small the business is, every dollar counts and I strive to always stay true to my core beliefs and serve my clients at the highest level.

Partnering with Chrissy has only improved my ability to do that. Together we are a powerhouse team that brings value, integrity, and clarity to the marketing industry.

My background (Chrissy) is in the health and wellness field. I owned multiple preventative care centers in Boise, Idaho.

In 2015 I left my wellness practice to build a proactive health application. I needed to expand my network and resources so I started using LinkedIn to connect with health professionals and developers across the globe. In many ways, it was easier to grow your network back then. In 6 months’ time, I had 30,000 connections.
It was before Microsoft bought LinkedIn and there weren’t as many rules and limitations for growth hacking at that time.

Over the years I tested and used every relationship management software I could find related to LinkedIn.

While building my Startup we used LinkedIn to network & market the company. We found a ton of success working as a team to market and cross-promote for one another. The opportunities were undeniable.

To fund our growth and development we created a subsidiary marketing leg of the company. We started marketing for health professionals using the methods we were internally using as a company. It quickly proved a greater pathway to success as we kept running into issues with the development of the health application. My company kept evolving and finally in 2018 I pivoted and launched a new company solely focused on Relationship Marketing.

In the Summer of 2018, I decided to build a LinkedIn Marketing Course live for 1,250 people who signed up. This was a unique way to build a course and I gained incredible insight into the skills and learning styles of all the participants. 

I learned that everyone consumed the content and interpreted it differently. This is normal but I hadn’t built a course so that was kind of a learning curve I had to overcome as an instructor.

Some people wanted a checklist, some people were visual learners, everyone wanted videos and most wanted step-by-step images. The most successful participants were the ones that worked together collaboratively.

The result was the creation of Pivotous Social. I decided if I could help people build collaborative learning environments then I could increase their success rates. 

So here you have it.