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The Nine Step Overview

Pivotous Social June 30, 2020
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If I told you this is going to be the best course you have taken this year, I’d be lying. This is going to be the best course you have ever taken in your life! With an array of different perspectives and different teachers, you will learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn through 9 steps that will take you to the next level!

👉Clarifying Your Direction

The first thing we will be going over is clarifying your direction. In this section, we will go over all the general information that is required for you to get started on optimizing your LinkedIn. We even have a step by step guide of the basic steps for all of you non-techies out there!

🎯Target Audience

Next, we will go over your target audience! This section will cover your client avatar and how to connect with your audience to start building relationships. Relationships are big in this course!

📝Your Offer

After targeting your audience, we will go over your offer. This part of the course covers how to send offers: sending offers if you are hiring, how to get offers if you’re looking and offering your products and services in a non-pitch style!


Sending messages on LinkedIn can be trickier than you’d think. This course goes over the details of how to send a good message to get a response! No more being ignored!

🧰Tools and Resources

Following messaging we will cover tools and resources at your disposal. You would not believe all the cool tools that LinkedIn has to offer, but you will have to read the course to find out!

🔍Analytics and Insights

Next is analytics and insights. This is the MONEY part of the course! So many people do not understand how much you can do with LinkedIn and we can’t wait to show you! Success is measurable!

📖Competitive Analysis

After analytics we will go over competitive analysis. Honestly, competitive analysis is like a different language if you are not familiar. We will walk you through everything you need to know to speak the language.

🖥️Digital Assets
Following is digital assets. In this section we will cover all things digital that can help you optimize LinkedIn. We will fill your digital toolbox with many different types of tools for enhancing your LinkedIn experience.
🏆Story Selling
Finally, story selling! I get so excited about story selling, it’s so fun! Story selling is a sales tactic that is far better than the “hard selling” techniques that have been used for many years.

Overall, we will tell you how to optimize your LinkedIn from every angle! We can’t wait to hear where you take this knowledge and how well you do!