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Tools and Resources

Pivotous Social June 18, 2020


Your Mission Through Technology

Without a plan of action, you won’t have the tools and resources you need to manage your outreach efforts, and if you want us to provide you with the outreach efforts you need, we won’t have them to do it for you. So, because you are the most passionate about your product or service, it is very important for you to come up with a plan of action that is specific to your product and service, and this is going to help you the most.

Those who can successfully make technology work for them reap the benefits of:

Increasing their personal efficiency

Enhanced connections

Increased engagement

More opportunity

As a employee, it’s important you start by looking at the tools you already use on an individual level. Seriously, list out all of them! List out each tool and platform you are already familiar with or use daily. What is at the core of what these tools do? By gaining a better understanding of the Why and the How behind the technology you currently use, you gain a better image of how technology serves you, and how to get even more out of it!

As an employer, you’ll need to broaden your perspective beyond the individual level. The format, size, industry, and direction of your company will all influence what set of tools you will use! I know there’s a lot of information, but stick with me!

What technology does your business currently use? How well does it serve its purpose? Is it scalable? Moldable?

Connor, “Don’t let your business be held back or put in a box by using the wrong tools!”

Now, switch gears, and let’s take a look at LinkedIn specifically. On the surface, LinkedIn can appear to be just another social networking site. However, LinkedIn actually serves a number of roles and functions, often far more than people initially expect. More than I expected, that’s for sure!

Used to its full potential, your LinkedIn should act as:

↳ An online resume A connection platform ↲

↳ An analysis tool A lead database ↲

↳ The portal to your online presence

In addition to leveraging LinkedIn to its full potential, there are a number of other essential tools worth getting familiar with. These tools can be used with LinkedIn to enhance your experience, connect you with others, and optimize your profile. Refer back to the “Supporting Your Mission” section for pointers on how to optimize your profile!



LastPass is a password manager that will help you remember all your passwords and secure other important data. Anyone else forget their passwords to literally everything? The “reset password” button is my best friend.

Why should I use this tool?

As a leader in the password manager tools, you will find the flexibility of this tool to be the key to your entire toolbox because not only do you have your passwords to account for, but now you have everyone else’s! That sounds like a nightmare to me. That is, if last pass wasn’t a thing!

Crystal Knows


To help you discover your own personality and the personality of others.  It also helps in building relationship bridges through AI. How cool is it that you can know the exact way to talk to someone just based on their personality?

Why should I use this tool?

Make it easier to communicate with different personalities by learning how to sell, email, and have conversations with them regardless of your own personality type.



Easy calendar scheduling app that syncs with other tools to give your prospects an easy way to get on your schedule. Automated scheduling? Sign me up!

Why should I use this tool?

Because of its syncing ability and integrations with HubSpot and Google Calendar, you will eliminate having duplicate calendar entries.

Think about what tools are essential to running your business from day-to-day. There are a number of core functions that your business will need. Depending on your organization, the specific tools and platforms you use may vary. However, the core function of many tools revolve-around the same functionality.



Track your time.

Why should I use this tool?

From basic time tracking to advanced integrations with ClickUp you can track time down to the smallest subtask, task, project, and much more.



Your new todo list!  Like Gantt? Like KanBan? Like lists?  Get all these options and much more to help you and your team not miss another task.

Why should I use this tool?

This is your multitool in your toolbox.  With integrations and options that have advantages over most todo list software you will find yourself more organized and ready to tackle each day with a clear agenda.

Technology and Your Direction

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, a solid understanding and comprehension of the tools at your disposal is invaluable. As an individual, you gain more skills and the ability to offer value to a potential employer. You also gain skills to build your own digital presence. As an employer, you become a leader in guiding your team, by showing them how it’s done. The better understanding your team has of the technology they are using, the better you can collaborate, delegate, schedule, track, and communicate.