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Where To Start With Content “Low Hanging Fruit”

kyle May 26, 2021
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Chances are you might have some content already. Perhaps you have written a few blogs or articles and they might have performed for you meaning they got a few clicks or some traffic and maybe even a few conversions. 

Diving a little deeper into what was mentioned in the prior module one great place to start with your content is with what you already have. 

If you look at the topic you have your content on, let’s say it’s an article on social media, go in and really update that. If you reference old stuff that is no longer relevant, delete it and update it with new relevant information. Add images and videos and utilize Quora, Answerthepublic, and Reddit to see what people are not asking and looking for. 

Really dive deep into your content topic and make it the most relevant, extensive guide. You can also look at other articles and guides on similar topics and think about how you can make yours better, more robust, and help your target audience better than any of your competitors. 

Ensure that your content is actionable. The more actionable your content is the more valuable it will be to your audience and the higher you will rank across Google and the web.

The last step in making your existing content amazing, robust, and actionable is to ensure your content is evergreen. Meaning, remove dates that will make the article on what your writing about seem irrelevant a year from now.