What is MY Truth?🤔

When I saw this question posed I thought huh??? 😆 So I dug around the internet and got some awesome info. After reflecting on this, I knew this was a simple question for me to answer. Yet I was ashamed because i was not living MY TRUTH to the fullest. I felt shame and a lot of pain because though I am getting back to that person, I still have a long way to go and it has been a rough journey!

Many years ago I had a passion for pouring my life and energy into others. I love helping people and I love seeing people smile. So I went from an employee to open my own biz so I could expand my reach to help more people than I could on my own. It was going great! Though my marriage was very rocky I just looked past it and kept working my ass off. I thought that was just how life was gonna be. But over time it began to wear me down to nothing. I just couldn’t handle being with someone who didn’t care. I couldn’t handle the fact that I’m doing everything in my power to help everyone else around me yet I was unhappy inside. 

Along that issue, I was trying to become something bigger than myself in the powerlifting community. I was so close to totaling ELITE and putting my name on the map, bigger than ever 💪

Well 6 weeks before I was to compete and qualify elite, I broke my foot!! WTH😫 My whole world was shattered. All my hard work, to be put on bed rest. I had to step out of the business as well and when I left it was like a vacuum sucked the energy out of it. Besides that there was a lot of arguing and pain at home. This was the beginning of my downward spiral that started about 3 years ago. 

I kept sinking lower and lower. Depression was destroying me and everything/everyone I cared about around me. Until I got to the point where I’m at now. I selling the business for pennies and moving my family to Boise in hopes that this “fresh start” would be what my marriage needed. Well, COVID happened and the same year we got divorced. 

All this happened and I felt like I had literally lost everything!! Time spent, hard work, money, the legacy I was trying to leave my kids. So much more! 

Stripped from everything, I had to find myself again. I had to find my TRUTH🔥

I’ve learned my truth is in #1 my savior Jesus Christ. The love he displays is who I have always strived to be like. I love people. I like hearing their stories. I love to listen. I’m not a talker, in fact I’m kinda introverted and reserved. Though I transition well between settings I rather listen to someone else’s story and if I don’t have any wisdom for them, just love them. 



🔹Helping others, 

🔹Making this world a better place one person at a time. 

🔹Loving my kids and mentoring them to be productive adults in society. 

🔹Self care in regard to the relationships I hold, the food I eat, sleep, exercise

🔹Hold myself to a higher moral standard

🔹don’t judge others

🔹These are some of my truths that I have been working on. protecting my heart and my time from anything that pulls me off that path. 

Sticking to these truths I know I am on the right path. It is like a lamp for my feet to guide me🔦

In Strength,

Jake Brown

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  1. Jake, I truly admire your courage and openness. We are ALL works in progress:) It’s so easy to lose ourselves in this thing called life. You’ve had some huge, life altering events happen in the past few years, but it is clear that you’ve got your priorities straight and are certainly on the right path. Continue to surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you and give yourself grace on your journey:)