What is your truth?

An interesting question and a deep one to start off a challenge.

What is truth versus your truth and are they different or worth exploring?

More specifically the idea of truth in the lens of authenticity. So. What is my authentic truth?

To me, my authentic truth is the relationship I have with myself and how I show up in the external world.

My essential goal around truth and authenticity is to use meditation and journaling, along with the occasional substance, to discover who I am and who I’m supposed to become.

Confidence, authenticity, and truth all show up for me when I am feeling particularly me. And it’s not every day I feel confident myself but as I do “the work” this happens more frequently.

What I mean by the work is prioritizing my mental and physical health above all else.

Being honest and living my truth, I do not always stay disciplined as being a human life creeps in and I get distracted or “fall off” for a day or 7… this is irrelevant and the most important part is to not beat yourself up about it.

Back to truth and authenticity, the truth I want to live in is a moving target and I hope I never hit it.

Having a growth mindset, which we will get into later this week, is understanding that there is more out there than I’ll ever know and I hope it stays that way. This allows for the constant pursuit of more and helps to remove any complacency.

They say complacency kills, I believe it does. Both figuratively and literally. The truth and authentic life I want to embody is that of constant growth and metamorphosis.

To be stagnant sounds terrifying to me. Stagnation leads to decay and ultimately a slow boring painful death. Let’s not be stagnant and accept the only constant in this life is change.

Once we embrace change, or once I embraced change as the only constant, I’ve been able to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This I think has been the biggest catalyst allowing me to embody my authentic self.

In summary, I love these topics of discussion and would love to engage on how embracing change and welcoming the metamorphosis of time has helped you to develop your authentic self and allowed you to live your truth. 

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